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Sandals LEAP Scholarship
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Sandals LEAP Scholarship
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Sandals Resort International (SRI)
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$1 Million
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Hospitality & Tourism
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The scholarship is open to registered student of the following local Universities: The University of Technology, Jamaica, The University of the West Indies and Northern Caribbean University. The applicant bust be an active member of the University's Tourism Action Club for at least one month at the time of the application submission (certified by Faculty advisor and club).


Additionally, the applicant must have a strong track record of tourism club participation and other extracurricular activities. The applicant must have leadership potential and ability plus excellent academic performance with GPA of 3.0 or above. Finally, the applicant student must be purpose driven, in that he/she is focused and driven toward career goals.


Applicant letter/statement of intent and resume submission must be made to

Manditory attachements are:

- Letter of recommendation from Tourism Action Club Faculty Advisor certifying club membership and activity involvement.

- Transcript indicating GPA.

- 1 character reference (non-university and non-family member).

Shortlisted candidates

will be inbvited for a panel interview. The deadline for all applications is April 30. For additional information, read more here